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ShopzadaPH - Internet Speed Test

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In partnership with nPerf, you can now accurately test your download and upload bitrate as well as the latency of your internet connection making sure you get what you pay for from your ISP.

In order for the test to be as accurate as possible, make sure to stop any downloading and streaming activities on your network and allow our tool to access your location to measure the speed accurately at a given location.

How the Internet Speed Test Works?

Bitrate test (download and upload speed)

The bitrate test relies on downloading binary files with multiple simultaneous connections in order to saturate your connection during a few seconds. We can then measure the bitrate accurately.

Latency (ping)

The latency test is performed ten times. We calculate the minimum and the average values, as well as the jitter value (maximum variation between samples).

Learn more about nPerf Internet Speed Test here.

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