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UPCOMING REVIEW | Universal Clip Lens for Mobile Phones

This Universal Clip Lens has mixed feedback among it's buyers, some says it's garbage and some says it's usable.

Universal Clip Lens for Mobile Phones

I got this for a while now and to be honest, it's actually usable. You just have to use it the right way and don't put too much expectations from it.

Remember, this is just an accessory to your main optical lens, the quality also depends on the smart phone you are using. And of course, as with anything about photography, there are a lot of factors (e.g. lighting, subject, composition, etc.) to consider.

Universal Clip Lens for Mobile Phones

If your smart phone's camera isn't capable of taking decent pictures by itself and you use the Universal Clip Lens and expect to have a good image, then you are going to have a very bad day. 

I've used the Universal Clip Lens on one of my short film project and I think it performed well enough. I may not be able to get the shot that I wanted if I didn't have the Universal Clip Lens, specially the fish-eye and the macro lens.

Watch the Short Film I made using just my smart phone and the Universal Clip Lens.

Macro Lens used at 0:47
- I will not be able to shoot the watch up-close if it weren't for the macro lens, it will simply not focus at all

Fish-Eye Lens used at 1:30. 
- I will not be able to get the shot of the two streets from the corner if I didn't use the fish-eye lens.

I will be making a full review and a little bit of tutorial on how to use the Universal Clip Lens to make at least decent shots using your smart phone. 

Images via Andy's Shop (link below)


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