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TIPS AND TRICKS | Unable to connect AnyCast M2 Plus Dongle to Router

This is a follow up support guide for TUTORIAL | HOW TO USE THE ANYCAST M2 PLUS DONGLE | STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Some users reported that they are unable to connect Anycast to router. This article will hopefully solve that problem.

anycast setup android

What are the possible Anycast issues?

  • Unable to connect Anycast to router
  • Router's WiFi name doesn't show up on Anycast M2 Plus Dongle setup page
  • Anycast waiting for connection
  • Unable to connect Anycast M2 Plus Donlge after firmware upgrade
anycast not connecting to wifi


1. Make sure that you are connected to the Anycast M2 Plus Dongle's wifi

connecting to anycast wifi

 2. Grab another smart phone and create a new Hot Spot. The setup procedure will vary depending on your smart phone settings.

setting up wifi hotspot

 3. Grab your main smart phone (the one you are setting up to connect your Anycast to the router) and go to the Anycast M2 Plus Dongle setup page:

Click on the internet setup option and you should now be able to see the Hot Spot WiFi name that you've setup as well as your routers WiFi name. Connect to your Hot Spot WiFi and you're all set.

anycast setup page

4. Once your Anycast M2 Plus Dongle is already connected to your router, you can now turn off the Hot Spot and use your smart phone and Anycast M2 Plus Dongle normally. 

anycast successfully connected to router

UPDATE: There's a new firmware upgrade available. Should you upgrade? Read more.

Bonus Content:

How to setup the Anycast M2 Plus Dongle - Step by Step tutorial with Demo

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anycast m2 plus problems and solutions


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  1. Hi! I would like to know if you can set up the anycast m2 plua in a wifi without internet connection. Also, what's the diffrence between this and the anycast m2?

    1. Hi Sany, Thank you for dropping by. Yes you can setup the anycast without internet connection, but you can only use the mirroring mode and not the streaming mode as it needs internet connection.

  2. Hi everyone, I have a problem. i bought my anycast a few months, and my version is 10.600 and i don´t have ant problem but, recently my iphone upgrade to ios 11 and my iphone airplay don´t shows my anyvcast only shows in the music menu as airdrop, and send the sound but not the image. I saw that upgrade to the new version is compatible with the ios 11. But i cant upgrade my anycast because the ip can´t be connected. Can you help me yo resolve this problem?

    1. Hello, welcome to shopzadaph. With regards to your problem, unfortunately i dont own an iphone to test that out but I will try to help you find a solution.

  3. Thank you, it works perfectly.. God bless you

    1. You're welcome. glad to help. God Bless you too! :)

  4. Hi there my any-cast dongle M2 Plus doesn't show up on my WiFi at all so I cant select it to start with what should I do

    1. Make sure that your anycast dongle is turning on, to verify that make sure you're on the main page of the anycast. Next thing to check is make sure the anycast wifi receiver is not being blocked so that it can be detected by your mobile phone/device. you can also try using other device to isolate the problem. I hope you can sort it out. Good Luck!

    2. Thank you I have tried all of that and still cant find it.This is my second any cast I have had unfortunately it go damaged as that one worked perfectly.
      My new device is showing a different home page than my original one so Im not entirely sure if it is correct its a blue screen with two sides one for apple connection and one for android I have it set to android as I have a HTC 10 do you have any further thoughts
      Thank you

    3. If you have a blue screen page then it's possible that you're on an old firmware. however, even that is the case you shouldn't have any problem searching for the wifi using your device. Can you try the anycast dongle on another TV? It's odd that you can't find the anycast dongle wifi ID on your device. Also, try changing modes and see if the wifi ID of the anycast dongle will pop up with either the miracast or airplay mode.

  5. thanks you I will try that next

  6. hi how do i use my iPhone 4g connection to stream while using the anycast m2 in airplay mode?

    1. You may need to use an application like imediashare to cast your local files to your TV via data or wifi

  7. Without screen mirror option for TV 📺, can I connect anycast of that tv? How....

    1. That's when you need the anycast, if your TV doesn't have casting option you can use the anycast dongle to cast/mirror or stream contents from your device to your TV

  8. i forgot the password, how do i reset it?

    1. The passport for what specifically? if it's for the anycast dongle you can just reset it to factory defaults by going to the web settings at

  9. Hello sir my anycast dongle only show mirror mode. How i can change the mode please help

  10. sir i have purchased a anycast m4 plus.it come with a different power cable means it does not have free end for wifi receiver.on connection it not shows blue color interface.but initially it show wi fi connection but not mirrored on tv. after 15 minutes. it stopped to give wi fi signals and tv on hdmi channel on connection interface disappeared after 5 to 8 seconds and tv screen becomes black. and in mobile not showing anycast wifi.i tried it on samsung and lg lcd tv with samsung,xiami and motog6 mobiles.please provide solution.

  11. I have purchased Anycast M4 dongel. However, when I tried to connect it is not working.
    I have connected Anycast M4 Plus device to my TV using phone’s wi-fi. The Anycast device is detected in my Lenovo Android phone's wi-fi. I connected to it. Then going to the Cast feature on my Android phone, the device is also detected. However, when I click on it, it says "connecting", but then ends with "Casting screen to Anycast-______ has ended" a few seconds later. Need help. What's the problem with this? Thank you in advance for the help.

  12. Saya beli anycast pertama kali bisa connect tp besoknya mau di pakai udah gak bisa lg itu cara memperbaikinya bagaimana ya pas saya cabut dari tv saya hubungin lagi ke tv masih saja gak bisa connect wifi di anycastnya jg gak kebaca..mohon bantuannya makasih

  13. Saya beli anycast pertama kali bisa connect tp besoknya mau di pakai udah gak bisa lg itu cara memperbaikinya bagaimana ya pas saya cabut dari tv saya hubungin lagi ke tv masih saja gak bisa connect wifi di anycastnya jg gak kebaca..mohon bantuannya makasih

  14. Maaf saya mau tanya kemarin saya beli Hdmi anycast pas hari pertama bisa connect tapi hari kedua udah gak bisa connect lagi malah sinyal wifi di anycastnya gak terdeteksi bagaimana kah solusinya ..terima kasih

  15. i forgot the password, how do i reset it?
    router ip

  16. Anycast Wifi is not getting in my Lenovo k6 phone meracast mode some times it shows ssid with authentication problem no connectivity.

  17. What to do when anycast doesn't show its SSID and password. I can't even connect it with its router since the SSID is not visible. I don't think if there's poor signal since I usually inserted it this place and this TV when its still in good condition. I also tried inserting it in other tv's in different places and status is still the same. SSID and password won't show up.

  18. i m facing this problem with my aycast device
    no connection with mobile no connection with router just disoplay


  19. Hi Marvin,
    I think I have the anycast m4. Mine when connected is goes to an home screen showing options
    1. iOS/Mac
    2. Android
    3. Google home
    4. Google Chrome
    5. DLNA Streaming Apps
    However it does no show any SSID, Password or IP address.
    There is a note:
    "Some questions, Please restart!
    Am not sure what to do here because.
    1. I am connected to an external power source
    2. My receiver is in a clear space.

    Hope you can help me.
    Kind regards


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