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DIY Wooden Makeup Organizer Review - Tidy Up!

As I've mentioned in my previous article, I will also make reviews about products for our beloved ladies out there. Today we bring you this DIY wooden makeup organizer review!

I am an organizer freak, I always want to tidy things up whether it's in our office work space or in our bedroom. I have a little bit of OCD, I don't want to see things just lying around messy, I don't want to see things just sitting at the top of the table and things like that. I want everything to have its own storage space and organized. 

I always ask my wife to tidy her vanity things up, mind you she doesn't actually have a lot as of the moment but I always dream that she will have her own collection of makeups and other cosmetic products because she loves watching beauty vloggers on youtube. I want her to have her own space but I don't want it to be messy.

I actually ordered two of these DIY makeup organizer, one for our office work space to stow away our pens, markers, notes, etc. and …

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